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Active filters

  • Aquaflux Pool Kit


    The patented Auris magnetic swimming pool kit, totally ecological, acts on the turbidity of the water. It is the particles that are too thin to be retained by the sand filter of the pool that give the water its cloudy appearance. The powerful magnetic field created by the 4 large blocks of the pool kit forces the finest particles to agglomerate together to form larger elements that the sand filter is then able to hold. In a few days you will find water of exceptional clarity, without risk for bathers while reducing the consumption of cleaning products. The testimonies prove it. The mounting system on the sand filter with strap and brackets allows with the detailed manual an easy and fast installation, even by a single person without experience. Be the envy of your neighbours!

  • Magnetic anti-scale


    When the water circulates rapidly in a magnetic field perpendicular to its displacement, electric charges are created which crystallize the limestone in the water. It then leaves as a fine powder without adhering to the wall of pipes or appliances. Purified water extends the life of your pipes and appliances. Anti-scale is easily installed on copper pipes

  • Magnetic anti-limestone rings


    These 2 magnetic rings protect the limestone in areas where water is moving, and magnetize liquids when they are at rest - such as in a coffee maker, filter jug and flush.

  • Magnetic wash balls


    When water passes through a magnetic field, limestone does not have the ability to crystallize and settle, it flows with the water. With less laundry, the laundry is softer and whiter, the dishes brighter and without trace. The limestone deposits will be eliminated or dissolved gradually. The only washing balls on the market with neodymium magnets for more efficiency.

    Its benefits: 2 powerful neodymium magnets, an ecological and economical solution.

    Tip! Can also be used in the dishwasher (60 ° C max.).

    100% Auris creation.

  • Hematite health magnets


    These 2 hematite health magnets slip into your pocket. By manipulating them and rolling them in your hand, they will help you to be Zen. To try the health magnets is to love them!

  • Hematite health balls


    Roll the 2 health balls in the same hand and enjoy the benefits of magnets and hematite. These daily exercises will help you keep flexibility and dexterity.

  • Car anti-odorant ionizer


    It is in the car cabin that the least negative ions, are found; plastics and synthetic fabrics favor the production of positive charges.

    Connected to the cigarette lighter of your car, the Car-ionizer produces a lot of negative ions (3,800,000 pcs / cm3) that will neutralize the positive charges of pollen, dust, micro-organisms and other allergens suspended in the air, by precipitating them to the ground. It naturally restores fresh and pleasant air.

  • Ceramic pebbles


    Create your own olfactory atmosphere. Just drop a few drops of essential oils on one of the pebbles to diffuse their delicate fragrance cold while preserving their properties. Very easy to use, the rollers do not require electrical outlet or battery. Do not use vegetable oil to preserve the diffusing power.

  • Actiflor


    Actiflor is the ideal product to enjoy beautiful and more resistant plants.
    Actiflor creates a local magnetic field that has active effects not only on the absoption of water and nutrients, but also on vital processes, including cell division.
    This is the principle of magnetized water, which favors the growth and resistance of plants -your plants, indoor or outdoor, will flourish.

  • Stirocal Anti-scale


    Real natural antibiotic. Active against more than 650 microbes, germs, viruses or parasites. Silver inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

  • Odor neutralizing soap


    This soap works wonders! Just wash your hands (30 to 40 seconds) and bad odors, even stubborn (garlic, fish, bleach etc ...), disappear.

    Tip! Also effective for the fridge and the dishwasher. Durable and ecological.

  • Set of 3 optical clips


    Your glasses always at hand. Elegant, discreet, practical and efficient magnetic fastening. Just slide the frame of your pair of glasses along the magnetic clip to make it fit. Two symmetrical pieces of two colors make up your optical clip.

  • Magnetic optical clip


    Keep your glasses always at hand. Elegant, discreet, practical and efficient magnetic fastening. Just slide the frame of your pair of glasses along the magnetic clip to make it fit. Two symmetrical pieces of two different colors make up your optical clip

  • Heating pad


    The heating pad accompanies you all winter! It's practical and can be with you in every room of the house.

    Its benefits: heating pad for the body, 3 levels of temperature, overheating protection on the whole surface, detachable remote control and control lamp. Automatic shutdown after 90 min.

    Tip! You can place the heating pad on one shoulder, on the stomach, on the thighs ...

  • Mattress heater


    The mattress heater is a device that is plugged into an electrical outlet and allows you to heat a bed. It is used before bedtime, to warm the bed, but also during the night to keep the heat inside it.

    We can then slip into a warm bed while lowering the temperature of the bedroom. The bed becomes a real cozy nest. The mattress heater provides an appreciable comfort during the long winter nights.

    Its benefits: 4 temperature levels, APS technology, active security system: optical and acoustic temperature control, "turbo" heating.

    Tip! Can be used on a sofa