Wondermag magnetic elbow brace

Wondermag magnetic elbow brace

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The Wondermag elbow brace offers all the comfort of medical elastic knitting and the effectiveness of its 4 powerful neodymium therapeutic magnets, so that your daily life is not disturbed by joint or muscle discomfort. It fits both right and left elbow. It is breathable and designed to be worn every day, for a few hours or all day depending on your needs. You can also wear it at night.

How to use: Put on the Wondermag Magnetic Elbow Pad and center the elbow tip.

100% AURIS Creation.


4 neodymium therapeutic magnets Ø 20 mm, residual magnetism 12,200 Gauss.

45% polyamide. 42% polyester. 13% elastane.

Black color.

The Wondermag magnetic elbow brace is available in 3 sizes (single height 22 cm):

Size S: 21 to 24 cm.

Size M: 25 to 28 cm.

Size L: 29 to 31 cm.

Taking measurements :

Take the measurement 2 cm above the elbow.

Maintenance tips

Hand wash at 30 ° C.

Do not iron.

Dry flat.



Medial and lateral epicondylitis.


Traumatic sequelae.

Chronic inflammatory rheumatism


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