Aquaflux magnetic vortex cup

Aquaflux magnetic vortex cup

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Your sleep is restless, your nights are disturbed, you have trouble getting to sleep or going back to sleep ... Fatigue sets in - the Actipol set is for you!

To obtain a restful sleep naturally, the highly innovative Actipol set creates an ideal North / South orientation without changing anything in your room!
It also generates a magnetic cocoon that places the sleeper in a healthy and serene environment and eliminates geopathogenic disturbances.
A recent study shows that the Actipol set improves the quality of sleep, reduces night-time awakenings, and eases sleep (especially for people who do not have their head oriented Northward).

Its benefits: 2 x 14 ceramic magnets, well-considered design, 2 flexible plates easy to install, suitable for everyone, whatever the age, including children and adaptable to all bed bases and mattresses (even with metallic elements) .

Tip: available in a double set for 2 people.

Good to know: , the Actipol set is a good investment for your health and does not lose its effectiveness over time. Magnetic field value measured above the 2.5 Gauss mattress.

100% Auris Creation


4 neodymium magnets  Ø8 mm, residual magnetism  12,200 Gauss.

2 AAA batteries (included).

Composition :

Acrylic container (without bisphenol A) and stainless steel.

Capacity 50 cl.


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