Aquaflux bottle case - Large size

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Osteoarthritis, arthritis, constipation, dark circles, water retention and many other problems all have insufficient hydration as a common factor.

Drinking is an essential activity for the proper functioning of the organs (especially those of the digestive system) and for fighting constipation naturally without irritating the colon. Good hydration is also essential for beautiful, toned and supple skin.

The Aquaflux bottle case magnetizes your favorite water - tap, flat or sparkling -  in about 15 minutes. Just try the magnetized water and you will want to adopt it into your daily routine.

Its benefits: 8 powerful neodymium magnets, velcro closure, small footprint, lightweight, fits all bottles (glass or plastic) of 1 L or 1.5 L.

Tip! Any liquid can be magnetized: fruit juice, vegetable juice, vegetable milks.

Usage: Magnetized water does not heat up. Magnetize your teas, herbal teas, soups, etc ... once hot.

Good to know: the Aquaflux bottle case is a good investment for your health - it is very durable and does not lose its effectiveness over time.

100% Auris creation.

  • Gris
  • Rouge
  • Bleu
  • Vert
  • voilet

8 neodymium magnets residual magnetism 12,200 Gauss, 40 x 10 mm.

Thermoformed foam.
Polyamide coating.
Internal surface incorporates a PVC-free grip coating.
Self-gripping adjustable closure.

Washable at 30 ° C, do not iron.

Height: 15.5 cm.
Width: 35.5 cm.

Aquaflux bottle case - large size exists in several colors:

Aquaflux large bottle case - Navy Blue
Aquaflux large bottle case - Gray
Aquaflux large bottle case - Red
Aquaflux large bottle case - Azur


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