List of products by brand Pediflux

  • Pediflux magnetic soles with shape memory


    The magnetic PEDIFLUX memory foam insoles combine 2 actions: energy balance and a source of health, thanks to their 6 powerful neodymium magnets appropriately distributed and the comfort of memory foam to cushion shocks. You'll feel all their benefits during each step. Pediflux magnetic insoles effectively isolate from the cold.

    How to use: To match the Pediflux magnetic soles with shape memory precisely to your size, cut with a scissors in accordance with the cutting lines at each end of the sole.

  • Pediflux Reflex magnetic insoles


    The Pediflux Reflex magnetic soles offer a satisfactory solution to all those who suffer from prolonged standing or, on the contrary, who do not walk enough. The 5 neodymium therapeutic magnets integrated into each insole simultaneously activate the main points of reflexology.
    The result: your entire metabolism is stimulated, your idle organs are awakened, you feel less tired at the end of the day and your legs are lighter! The wide variety of sizes (from 35 to 46) ensures the accuracy and efficiency of acupressure.

    Reflex Pediflux magnetic soles have a unique composition: activated carbon to eliminate odors, quality leather for unparalleled comfort and 10 neodymium therapeutic magnets for incomparable efficiency.

    Another Auris exclusive!

    Directions for use: Place the Reflex Pediflux magnetic insoles directly in your shoes, with or without socks, tights or stockings. You can wear them every day.

    100% AURIS Creation.