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  • Ekido Magnetic gaiters-2...


    With their 4 gripping bands for ease of fitting and adjustment, these light and breathable magnetic gaiters have been specially designed to apply to the tendons (anterior / posterior) and the hocks of horses. The 10 powerful neodymium magnets of 25 mm diameter each are positioned for optimal action.

    Unique size.

    For Cob horses, for greater comfort, choose anterior gaiters, whether for the anterior and / or laterals of your horse.

  • EKIDO Magnetic bracelet


     The authentic Ekido magnetic silicone bracelet incorporates a mylar film with a hologram, i.e. a 3-dimensional image that improves balance, strength and flexibility. The 2 powerful neodymium magnets promote the regulation of metabolism, oxygenation of tissues and blood circulation