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  • Hallux Valgus Magnetic...


    The hallux valgus magnetic orthosis enables us act against the unsightly and painful factors of deformation of the big toe. Made from soft and resistant silicone, the hallux valgus magnetic orthosis works equally with the right toe. The 4 neodymium therapeutic magnets of the Auris hallux valgus orthosis act effectively on any painful symptoms.

  • Pediflux magnetic soles...


    The magnetic PEDIFLUX memory foam insoles combine 2 actions: energy balance and a source of health, thanks to their 6 powerful neodymium magnets appropriately distributed and the comfort of memory foam to cushion shocks. You'll feel all their benefits during each step. Pediflux magnetic insoles effectively isolate from the cold.

    How to use: To match the Pediflux magnetic soles with shape memory precisely to your size, cut with a scissors in accordance with the cutting lines at each end of the sole.

  • Calcaneal spur Magnetic heels


    Calcaneal spur is a pathology of the heel that can be disabling in everyday life. The Auris magnetic heels have been specially designed to limit the pressure on the painful area and provide a noticeable improvement in comfort.

    Directions: Place the magnetic heels on the back of the shoe.  Their ergonomic shape and the choice of material allows good adhesion in the shoe throughout the day. Product fits all shoes.

    100% AURIS Creation

  • Blue Gel Magnetic Insoles


    Auris gel soles (small model: 41 to 45) are the only ones on the market with a neodymium therapeutic magnet (north right foot and south left foot). They are comfortable and suitable for everyone. The gel absorbs shock and pressure and the neodymium therapeutic magnet provides a pleasant feeling of lightness and well-being during each step.

    How to use: To match gel soles precisely to your size, cut the white part of the sole (at the tip of the toe) with a scissors. To avoid damage to the sole, it is necessary to respect the cutting lines.

    In the summer, after a short period in the fridge, your magnetic insoles gel spread a healing sensation of freshness.

    100% AURIS Creation.

  • Pediflux Reflex magnetic...


    The Pediflux Reflex magnetic soles offer a satisfactory solution to all those who suffer from prolonged standing or, on the contrary, who do not walk enough. The 5 neodymium therapeutic magnets integrated into each insole simultaneously activate the main points of reflexology.
    The result: your entire metabolism is stimulated, your idle organs are awakened, you feel less tired at the end of the day and your legs are lighter! The wide variety of sizes (from 35 to 46) ensures the accuracy and efficiency of acupressure.

    Reflex Pediflux magnetic soles have a unique composition: activated carbon to eliminate odors, quality leather for unparalleled comfort and 10 neodymium therapeutic magnets for incomparable efficiency.

    Another Auris exclusive!

    Directions for use: Place the Reflex Pediflux magnetic insoles directly in your shoes, with or without socks, tights or stockings. You can wear them every day.

    100% AURIS Creation.

  • Thermo patches for feet


    You tear the packaging and in contact with the air the heating patch releases a gentle heat regulated for 8 hours. Maximum temperature: 60 ° C. Environmentmentally friendly. For single use.

  • oot cream of alum and...


    The natural ingredients that make up alum foot cream and essential oils will regulate perspiration, stop odors and nourish your skin for your comfort - thanks to the multiple beneficial properties of essential oils and plant extracts.

    Tip! Remember to magnetize your cream (1 to 2 minutes) with the coasters, magnetic tray or a magnet box, you will notice the difference!