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  • Bracelet magnétique Taïpan Argent / Noir


    Magnifique bracelet magnétique acier aux contours noirs.

    Le bracelet magnétique Taïpan joue sur les contrastes avec ses maillons mats et brillants.

    Un parfait duo d'effets tendance.

  • Aquaflux bottle case - Large size


    Osteoarthritis, arthritis, constipation, dark circles, water retention and many other problems all have insufficient hydration as a common factor.

    Drinking is an essential activity for the proper functioning of the organs (especially those of the digestive system) and for fighting constipation naturally without irritating the colon. Good hydration is also essential for beautiful, toned and supple skin.

    The Aquaflux bottle case magnetizes your favorite water - tap, flat or sparkling -  in about 15 minutes. Just try the magnetized water and you will want to adopt it into your daily routine.

    Its benefits: 8 powerful neodymium magnets, velcro closure, small footprint, lightweight, fits all bottles (glass or plastic) of 1 L or 1.5 L.

    Tip! Any liquid can be magnetized: fruit juice, vegetable juice, vegetable milks.

    Usage: Magnetized water does not heat up. Magnetize your teas, herbal teas, soups, etc ... once hot.

    Good to know: the Aquaflux bottle case is a good investment for your health - it is very durable and does not lose its effectiveness over time.

    100% Auris creation.

  • Wondermag magnetic elbow brace


    The Wondermag elbow brace offers all the comfort of medical elastic knitting and the effectiveness of its 4 powerful neodymium therapeutic magnets, so that your daily life is not disturbed by joint or muscle discomfort. It fits both right and left elbow. It is breathable and designed to be worn every day, for a few hours or all day depending on your needs. You can also wear it at night.

    How to use: Put on the Wondermag Magnetic Elbow Pad and center the elbow tip.

    100% AURIS Creation.

  • Juvelys magnetic face mask


    Many of us suffer from migraines with auras, migraines and chronic headaches, eyestrain ...
    The Juvelys magnetic mask has many features that will make it your vital partner in well-being. Remember to take it with you wherever you go!
    Benefits: 20 powerful neodymium magnets that act on the most delicate parts of the face: the outline of the mouth, the eyes. Comfortable and light, adjustable cotton strap.
    Tip: You can wear the magnetic mask at night for recovery or in a daily session in the morning (about 15 minutes minimum) to start the day!
    100% Auris creation.

  • Chenille magnetic steel bracelet


    A masculine and atypical design for this caterpillar magnetic bracelet. It combines strength and balance. A jewel of character!

  • Cover for Doggy'Mag cushion


    When the dog or cat is lying down, the Doggy'Mag® cushion matches exactly its morphology. As soon as the animal rises, the cushion resumes its initial shape, to offer him soft comfort day after day. In addition, its alternating North / South magnets guarantee your 4-legged companion a healthy environment for a refreshing rest.

  • Magnetic anti-limestone rings


    These 2 magnetic rings protect the limestone in areas where water is moving, and magnetize liquids when they are at rest - such as in a coffee maker, filter jug and flush.

  • Magnetic hairbrush


    Did you know that we lose an average of fifty hairs each day?
    Since the skull is a particularly rich reflex zone, brushing also allows you to evacuate stress and tension.
    This brush stimulates the reflex points and facilitates the brushing thanks to its 6 powerful neodymium magnets.

  • Medimag Slim and Smoke Box


    Based on the principle of auriculotherapy, the combined action of the Medimag magnet with that of the pressure exerted on the selected acupuncture point offer you a naturally effective method for slimming or quitting smoothly. Additionally, the method is inexpensive since the Medimag Slim and Smoke magnets are reused.

    Tip: The Medimag Slim is positioned on the tragus (see photo) and the Medimag Smoke is positioned on the top of the pinna of the ear (see photo).
    Its benefits: 2 diameters and 3 thicknesses to fit all ears. Non-allergenic gold coating.

    Tip! To better guide you: the acupuncture poster with all the main acupuncture points in the blink of an eye!
    Good to know: whatever the number and duration of uses, Medimag Therapeutic Magnets remain effective. Remember to bring them on the go!

    100% Auris creation.